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Damaged Hair Solutions by Ashley

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So by popular demand, damaged hair is going to be the topic of discussion.

What can you do about your damaged hair?

First things first, make sure it’s actually damaged and not just naturally coarse or dry. The good thing about it is, if your hair is just coarse or dry that can often be fixed by using professional products to soften up the hair strand. Depending on what your stylist recommends or what brand is your favorite. A few options are Redken’s All Soft line or Pureology’s Hydrate line, at Hollywood Blonde Salon we use both. These are amazing products for softening hair and making it much more hydrated.

Deep conditioning treatments are also something you can do at home to help remedy the problem of dry/coarse hair. In salon treatments are also an option. Redken has a Chemistry Treatment that is custom blended by your stylist to address the specific needs of your hair whether it is lacking moisture, needs help with color fading, damaged hair, or is just very hard to brush through. If you have never had a Redken Chemistry Treatment you are definitely missing out and should get one done on your next trip to the salon.

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Your hair may be damaged due to over processing which can mean you have been coloring your hair at home, probably too often, leaving it feeling like straw or splitting. You may have been getting all over bleach or highlights which, when done properly, will still damage the hair strand. All hair is made up of disulfide bonds and when you color (even the slightest bit) it breaks those bonds. Once broken, they CANNOT be fixed. What you can do is, like I mentioned before, have a Redken Chemistry treatment performed on your hair (in salon only). The Extreme line in the chemistry treatment will put plant based protein back into your hair which gives your color something to hold onto as well as help in making your hair healthier. You can think of it as a filler. You’re breaking the disulfide bonds and then putting protein back into it to help it continue feeling strong. I 100% recommend this option to every one of my color guests.

If your hair is breaking off or splitting at the ends, in addition to a Redken Chemistry Treatment, at-home maintenance is a must. The best product I have found that works for damaged hair is Pureology’s Strength Cure line, it strengthens and repairs micro-scarred hair and split ends. After only one use of the shampoo and conditioner your hair is 97% stronger. That is only one time use which means if you have it used in the salon you feel/see the difference instantly which is pretty amazing.

Pureology also has a Split End Salve, which is a leave in treatment and is like a super Band-Aid for your hair. It fills in negative charges and smooth’s split ends by reinforcing the cuticle layer of the hair.

Next is the Fabulous Lengths which is like the protector. This will help keep the hair strong so that the hair doesn’t continue to split up the strand which is why some people cannot grow their hair past a certain length. It also brings added softness to the oldest strands of hair.

Then lastly, using Pureology’s Reconstruct Mask once a week will intensely boost the strength and reduce breakage by deeply conditioning the micro-scarred and overly colored hair.

Basically I have given you an outlined plan on how to save your hair: Chemistry Treatment by Redken, www.redken.com, and following up with Pureology’s Strength cure line, www.pureology.com.

If your hair is just too far gone from color damage then your last option would be maybe get a make-over. Short hair might just be the look that you have been searching for!


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